Cookies policy

Present on most websites, cookies are small text files used to store user data to facilitate browsing, and to adapt (or improve) the content of the web pages.

Sun Location informs you that your browsing on the website may result in the registration of one or more cookies on your computer.

Above all, it is important to review the misconceptions about cookies:

  • Cookies are not viruses: they do not infect your computer.
  • Cookies are not intended to send spam (unwanted email).
  • Our cookies are not intended to invade your computer ads: some of them simply allow us to customise the display of advertisements on our site.

Use of data stored by cookies

It is important to note that cookies do not identify you as a person: they only identify the computer you are using.
The cookie is a text file sent to your browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer...) to collect information about your browsing on a website. The purpose of this information is to improve your user experience by customising website content for future connections based on your preferences. The performance of many websites requires the use of cookies. However, you are free to refuse them if you think they are not useful to you. To understand the role of cookies on a website, it is important to know the use of cookies.
Here are the different ways in which cookies are used:

To customise your browsing on a website according to your preferences:

When you visit a website, you may need to customise its use by changing the settings. Choosing to display the content of a website in French is one of those customisable settings which the cookie will be in charge of storing. When you next log in, the website will be "informed" of your preference. Some cookies allow you to geolocate by determining the country in which you are located to intuitively display the website in the language of this country. This is the case, for example, with Google, which recognises the origin of its users and redirects them naturally to the local version of Google (e.g. for France).

To save the products saved in your basket

During your navigation on the website, you have the possibility to save one or more offers of holiday homes which interest you by clicking on the button "Add to my selection" to be able to compare them at a later date. This feature is equivalent to "baskets" on e-commerce sites.
These are actually cookies which memorise the different hosting offers which have caught your attention.

To save you time when logging in:

Thanks to cookies, the browser recognises your computer when you want to connect to a website, allowing it to pre-fill the usual fields required for login or registration. Only the password is usually not entered unless you have made the choice to be automatically recognised on a particular website.

To customise the display of advertisements:

The cookies are not intended to "create advertising" but to customise the ads which appear on your computer at the time of your visit. This means that according to your habits and preferences, cookies will provide you with advertisements which are relevant and specific to your interests on the Internet.
Take the example of Sun Location. You are looking for a holiday rental in Spain and have already visited several websites related to this theme: this theme will be used to offer advertising related to travel and Spain. 

To improve the content of the web pages:

Cookies are also a way to analyse the behaviour of the user and better understand: what are their favourite pages, can they easily find what they are looking for? How long did they stay on this page? In this way cookies are used to collect essential information to optimise the content of a website by adapting to the user.

The purpose of a website is to provide relevant content to its visitors. How to know what interests internet users? By studying their visit, learning to "know" them. Cookies are therefore a great way to get to know you better as an Internet user and not as an individual. This last point is essential: we invite you to consult "Our confidentiality charter".

How to customise your choices on the use of cookies?

Although essential for the proper functioning of certain websites, the use of cookies is not mandatory and cannot be imposed on you. Depending on your browser, simply select the settings related to cookies according to your preferences. You can:

  • Systematically accept cookies and your browser will be set up so that they are automatically registered regardless of the websites visited.
  • Ask to be notified each time a cookie is sent to your computer.
  • Decline cookies by disabling them.

Each browser has its own cookie management interface.

Will this have an impact on my navigation?

It depends on the websites and their own uses of cookies. On some websites, cookies are almost essential while on others, disabling cookies may block your browsing or the use of certain features.

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